Wednesday 7:00pm-10:30pm

Jun 07, 2023

at Body Collective

Ecstatic Dance

Come dance your heart out with the community! Allow your expression to flow with the music.

What is Ecstatic Dance?
Ecstatic Dance is a free movement sober dance celebration that takes place without talking or cell phones. You can enjoy music and movement in a space where you can feel free to move like YOU.

The music is crafted as a complete journey, where it starts slow, making the space easy to enter into, builds to a peak, and then tapers off back to stillness. You can enjoy the experience as your own journey, enjoy dancing and connecting with others, or with the group as a whole. It’s up to you.

Think of it as a movement and meditation practice that is easy and fun to do. Knowing the music will take you on a journey allows you to give up thinking too much about how to move, whether or not people are watching, or how you look while you do it.

What if I can't dance?

Perfect! Then ecstatic dance is for you! Cause it’s not about showing off that new TikTok dance or impressing anyone. It’s about becoming better acquainted with your body, so we can feel less like strangers to the skin we’re in. It’s about learning what we’re capable of, and trying to find new ways to express ourselves. It’s about letting go and letting it out!

Some amazing benefits of ecstatic dance are increased confidence, connecting with other humans in new ways, caring less about what others think of you and having more joy in your life! Whether you dance with partners, dance by yourself, dance with your eyes closed or simply jump around, you’re doing it right!

What to expect:

A safe place to express yourself through movement
The most fun and incredible workout ever!
A place to let loose all the tension of daily life
An amazing place for community and growth
A place you meet yourself and others

7:00: Doors Open / Intro
7:15pm: Warmup Starts
8:15pm: Opening Circle
8:30pm: Main Wave Starts
9:45pm: Closing Circle

Meet your host

About the Facilitators:

Keith has been coaching, facilitating, teaching and a community leader for the last 10 years.

He started dancing in the Austin Ecstatic Dance Community 10 years ago as well, and found his beloved dance interrupted by Covid in May of 2020, when the couple who had hosted this tradition for 13+ years lost their venue.

By September of 2020, Keith had worked with them to bring the dance back to outdoor spaces, and over the course of a year, led his community to dance outdoors at parks, fields, and private property all over Austin.

Late last year, he found an amazing venue, and took the traditional Sunday morning ecstatic dance back indoors after an almost 2 year hiatus.

He considers himself a steward of this 30+ year long tradition of ecstatic dance here in Austin, and is honored and enthusiastic to bring it to more and more people here. 

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