Friday 7:00pm-9:00pm

Jun 30, 2023

at Body Collective

Cacao & Sound Healing Journey

Join us for an evening of Cacao and Sound. The evening will begin with ceremonial Guatemalan cacao which has been used for healing and heart opening for thousands of years. After we imbibe ourselves with this sacred medicine, you will be invited to a comfortable resting position to receive a transformative, multi-vibrational sound healing journey; a collaboration with multiple sacred sound musicians. During this experience you will be gently carried through a range of frequencies and vibrations woven together with vocalizations, crystal bowls, handpan, chimes, percussive texture, flute, and other instrumentation.
Your Guides:
Jessica Falscroft is a sacred song carrier, sound weaver, space holder, and mystic. She is committed to a path of love and using her gifts of song and sound to create spaces of deep connection, transformation, and healing.

Kayla Provisor is a lifelong musician and sound practitioner. She is also a yoga teacher, massage therapist, and space holder committed to the path of holistic wellness.

Gregory Alexander is a lifelong singing musician straddling the spaces of multiple genres of music (including choral, solo, theatrical, sacred, groove-oriented pop, rock, country, and dance.). A practitioner and devotee of the improvised moment, Gregory is also a trained bodywork practitioner, Reiki Master, and Oneness Blessing giver dedicated to fostering wholeness wherever possible. He has been recognized as a “deeply gifted vocalist” and a “magician.”
Shiloh Travis is a designer and builder of spaces, an event producer, and a lover of the low end. The thread that connects it all is his love for people and his passion for serving others. A lifelong musician, Shiloh discovered his passion for bass guitar in 2008, and has been playing in various bluegrass and rock and roll bands in Austin ever since. More recently he has turned his talents and attention towards kirtan, sound healing, and other musical soundscapes designed to foster healing, growth, and connection to our source.

Ben has studied music since middle school, primarily focusing on percussion and guitar. He has had the privilege of performing in a variety of styles and situations ranging from symphonies to garage bands to Hindu classical music. He also enjoys improvising and participating in creative “free play.” His goal is to help people enjoy life through rhythm, song, and dance.

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